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About Us


Are all of those boxes of paper around your office making your workspace cluttered and disorganized??
Do you feel that your losing precious office space due to lack of storage space?
 Are precious manhours wasted on just retrieving files from the office storeroom or your current storage space?
Your solution is here with RecoMan.
Gone are the conventional way of storage and retrieval.
Proudly a locally owned company established since 2013 under the “RecoMan” brand, previously under Professional Packers & Movers Sdn Bhd (1995 -2012).
We are registered under“Famous Records Management & Storage Enterprise” with the government body SSM.
Our carefully selected team, has been extensive trained to be well equipped in order to exceed customers expectations in the records management & storage service industry. With a dedicated & passionate team, our main aim is to provide and maintain high standard of service to ALL whom will and currently using our services.
We are a company built around managing documentation and secure storaging of documents.
We understand businesses thrive on information, yet most spend little time managing and protecting this valuable resource. For any business, the need for an experienced record management company is crucial especially as you think about shredding companies and the value they can bring.
We combine technology, people, industry experience and a passion for quality and customer service to offer unsurpassed record management solutions.
By bringing together two generations of industry expertise with today’s latest technology, RecoMan has been built from the ground up to provide innovative services that help you increase efficiency, optimize your expensive office space, and simplify all aspects of your company’s records management program.
With operational mastery of the basics—like document management, storage and retrieval, as well as more advanced services like our electronic signature confirmation and free web access to all of your records we offer easy ways to take control of every stage of a document’s life cycle—so you can focus on your core business.