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Secure Facilities

At RecoMan, we are equipped of all the latest technology and monitoring equipment to make sure that your inventory is always secure and trackable.

From our monitored burglar (armed response), smoke, fire and water flow alarms, to key card access and CCTV recording devices running 24-hours daily, we are commited to insuring that your information is always safe and ready to be delivered to your firm.

Our proprietary document management software system gives us a unique edge in the marketplace by allowing interaction over secure internet connections which in turn allow us to offer customers unparalleled access to their records and documents.

We also provide superior document inventory systems and document management services.

                                       1) Sophisticated bar-code tracking system

                                       2) Logical location system

                                       3) Latest bar-code tracking and scanning equipment

                                       4) Unparalleled error checking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities